The most important thing when choosing a real estate professional is to find someone you can trust. I have a history of success and integrity in real estate that you can depend on. I am an experienced negotiator with expert knowledge of the local market. You can count on me to always work with your interests in mind, and to represent you and your wishes to the best of my ability.  My experience in working with people is that the 'ART OF LISTENING' is by far beyond the actual marketing process.  Listening, processing and mentally researching your client's wants and special needs are integral in the partnership of real estate goals. Negotiating, listening, understanding and knowing how to 'walk the talk' is how I get results for all of my clients.  Trustworthiness and genuine caring are the cornerstones that I have built my successful relationships with my friends and clients.


Choosing a real estate agent who has the tools, skills and experience to make your dreams come true can be as challenging as the home buying and selling  process itself.  We all have a tendency to think  that real estate marketing is easy and it's just a matter of 'sign up to sign down'.  My experience and knowledge in real estate marketing goes as far back as 1992 to date.  That's 21 years in the industry.  In that span of time, I have seen so many changes in the real estate industry ~ it has become an industry of complexities when it comes to real estate law and the responsibilites of your real estate person.  Do they know the community or communities that you are interested in?  Do they continually build their knowledge base with the necessary technical, legal and general knowledge basics of a real estate transaction and the many hidden 'perils' within.  Is their business acumen that of someone that you really feel comfortable with?  Are they serious about helping you and caring about you?   Don't fall short in your choice of real estate persons that you wish to employe either in the sale or a new purchase.  Always know that you can count on him or her to be aware of your existing needs, your changes of needs, and that they are there at your side - working for you!  


I want you to be 100% satisfied, both with my service and with your new property. I will involve myself in your home search as much or as little as you like, and will communicate information to you on a schedule and in a fashion that suits you best. My goal is to make every customer a customer for life, so my job isn't done until you are completely happy in your new home.  Some of my clients love to have me build their very own website, but most of my clients like my personal touch and the one-on-one approach I have to business affairs.  Everyone needs to feel special and everyone likes to connect a face to a name.  While e-mail, twitter, blogs and otherwise, may be time savers - there is still nothing better than the feeling in knowing that your real estate professional is a REAL PERSON.  99% of my clients become lifelong friends, if they aren`t already.  Someone to talk with; someone to trust and someone who will do the very best for you in the shortest period of time for you.  A thorough analyses of each property that you may be interested in will be completed in a timely fashion and presented to you.   You will always feel special and well versed in real estate and any transaction that you complete with LINDA McNEIL.  


Good communication is the cornerstone of any successful relationship. You can count on me to provide you with the information you need on a schedule and in a manner that suits you best. My past experience in Human Resources, Public and Media Relations, Community Affairs and Scholarship Awarding, can suggest to you that I have excellent `people and communication skills` and I do!  Let me help you pave the way to your next chapter of real estate - whether it be a downsize, an up size or a transitional move of time - I`ll be there for you! LINDA M. McNEIL, ASSOCIATE, REAL ESTATE PROFESSIONALS, INC.

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